Secure Data Destruction

Secure Media Erasure & Shredding

Secure Data Destruction

Hedgehog offer secure data destruction services in Gibraltar. We can assure you that all data is destroyed and irrecoverable, this is done using Blancco data erasure software. Physical destruction, shredding and recycling of drives is also available for sensitive equipment. Data erasure can be completed at your location or at our facility. Shredding is only available at our facility using our collection service.

We provide a certificate of data destruction for all media.

We use Blancco data erasure software for a secure data destruction. All personal or confidential data is wiped from your devices and a certificate is provided per drive for compliance.

Data erasure / data destruction is a method of software-based overwriting, that completely and securely destroys all electronic data residing on a hard disk drive. Permanent data erasure goes beyond basic file deletion commands, which only removes direct pointers to the actual files and makes data recovery possible with common software tools.

Unlike degaussing or physical destruction, which render the media unusable, data erasure/data wiping removes all information, while leaving the hard disk drive operable; preserving assets and the environment. It also allows for remarketing and value return, if you are looking for residual value, but not at the risk of data breach.

Onsite data destruction or disk destruction can be done at your facility or data centre if required. Secure transit to our facility is possible for larger volumes of HDDs.

The Data Data Destruction Process

  1. Tell us the number of drives you need wiping/destroying
  2. We collect the drives and bring them to our facility
  3. We wipe them using a 7 times overwrite with Blancco:
    1. We test hard drive for errors (SMART self-test, optional)
    2. We write hard disk sectors with specified patterns starting with sector number 0, counting write errors as they come up as bad sectors
    3. Flush buffers – check if there’s any errors in this process.
    4. If multiple overwriting passes are specified (our default is 7 times), the steps 3 and 4 are repeated.

What if wiping is not possible

If the device fails to be 100% data-wiped, it will be destroyed onsite in our secured shredding facility. We can shred to 9mm pieces.


We offer three levels of vulnerability scanning as a service to cater for all business sizes. Each package runs over 12 months.

Drive Wiping

£5.00 per drive

Certified wiping of media.

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