What Is Vulnerability Management and Scanning

Another small business in the UK gets hacked every 16 seconds. There are 65,000 attempts to hack small to medium businesses per day.

What Is Vulnerability Management and Scanning

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Another small business in the UK gets hacked every 16 seconds. There are 65,000 attempts to hack small to medium businesses per day.

Attackers continue to get better at exploiting security vulnerabilities in systems. Organisations need to identify their weaknesses and remediate them.

Vulnerability scanning identifies these issues. Vulnerability management helps remediate them so they don't lead to a breach.

When combined, these security methods can help keep an organisation's assets safe. They won't be as vulnerable to an attacker if checked for vulnerabilities.

Read our guide to vulnerability scanning and management. Find out what they are, how they're performed, and how they can improve your business' security.

What Is a Vulnerability?

To understand vulnerability scanning and management, you must understand what a vulnerability is.

A vulnerability is any weakness in a business asset that an attacker may exploit. Examples include weak passwords, employee error, and technical glitches.

A known vulnerability is any security issue that the public is aware of. This applies to people like software developers, security professionals, and potential attackers.

Examples include any major bug or issue in any kind of software, hardware, or network. They're the easiest for hackers to exploit because they're public knowledge.

US-CERT reports that 95% of successful attacks are from known security vulnerabilities. Always check if a well-known security issue has influenced your organisation's network.

There are two major scales for measuring vulnerabilities. One is the CVSS or Common Vulnerability Scoring System. The other is the CVE or Common Vulnerabilities and Exposure.

These scales can be helpful but don't provide all the necessary information. The CVSS considers the severity but not the risk of an attack. The CVE is more of a library for looking up unique vulnerabilities.

Prioritizing security issues is only one important part of keeping your data safe. You need a complete process to fix each problem.

What Is Vulnerability Management?

Organisations manage a variety of essential assets like networks and customer information. They may use any number of people and processes to protect these assets. They may hire IT professionals, change passwords, or institute other changes.

These protective measures combined make up vulnerability management. They can improve security by preventing attacks before they happen.

An attacker only needs to exploit one vulnerability to get into the entire system. This is why vulnerability management is so important.

What Is Vulnerability Scanning?

It's impossible to fix an issue without first identifying it. This is the first and most important part of the vulnerability management process.

Vulnerability scanning involves using a tool to identify any potential security weaknesses.

There are several types of vulnerability scanners available today.

Examples include port, vulnerability, and web application security scanners. There are also network enumerators. Attackers can even use computer worms to check for holes in your security measures.

It's difficult to know which tool to pick when conducting vulnerability scanning. You need to know what to look for to choose the best one.

The ideal vulnerability scanning tool identifies issues in all parts of your network. It should also note the possible impacts of an attack and how to prevent it.

The Vulnerability Management Process Most vulnerability management systems follow a 5-step process.

The assessment phase involves collecting all the necessary information. It includes conducting interviews, identifying assets, and similar research.

The analyzing phase involves looking for any vulnerabilities the organisation already identified. It involves determining if they're still an issue and what caused them.

The strategizing phase involves planning how to engage in vulnerability management.

The aligning phase is where each identified vulnerability gets prioritized. You may use the CVSS or CVE scale or some other method. It's also important to remediate the most dangerous issues first.

The communication phase is the phase that ensures that vulnerabilities don't return. It involves telling an organisation what security issues they may face and how to fix them.

Following each of these steps ensures proper vulnerability management and increased security. It also serves to provide a framework to work off of.

Security and Vulnerability Management Data breaches cause financial and personal issues. Proper vulnerability management can help an organisation prevent them.

Lost data can cost a lot of money to retrieve. Breaches cost the UK $3.8 million each to remediate on average.

Data breaches can also damage reputations and customer relationships. They've caused 33% of organisations in the UK to lose customers and 38% to lose business.

Hackers can exploit a vulnerability the moment it exists. Microsoft and Adobe release regular patches to increase security and/or add features. These additions put them at risk, as their systems may fall victim to a breach no more than 2 weeks later.

An organisation must consider how often they update and/or change their assets. The more they do, the more they'll need to check for any new vulnerabilities.

The best vulnerability management system helps you fix and identify security issues

Regular vulnerability management and scanning is all about keeping your data safe. Find out what to do if you suffer a data breach and how to protect your business from security issues.

Why You Need Vulnerability Management Vulnerability management and scanning work together to increase an organisation's security. The process involves identifying security issues and developing a plan to remediate them.

Finding an effective vulnerability management system helps keep your data safe. There are several options on the market today, but most only identify vulnerabilities.

We're one of the only companies that offer remediation and scanning. We'll help you solve the issues once we find them, preventing and fixing damage from attacks.

Check out our vulnerability scanning services and contact us today for more information.

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