How to achieve Cyber Essentials certification

How to achieve Cyber Essentials certification in 2022, without getting a headache.

How to achieve Cyber Essentials certification

Posted on 2021-12-31 by Peter Bassill in category Cyber Essentials.

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Cyber Essentials is the U.K. government's flagship security standard for business, and it's required in order to trade with them or work on sensitive projects. Cyber Essentials certification also demonstrates that companies take cyber security seriously to prospective clients, which can help when trying to land new business deals. Cyber Essentials is a rigorous audit, starting with a self-assessment questionnaire and for the Cyber Essentials Plus certification, a technical audit of your IT deployments. Hedgehog Security has helped many businesses go through the process successfully!

Cyber Essentials certification can be a challenge, but Hedgehog Cyber Security can help any business or organisation, regardless of size or perceived complexity. Cyber Essentials certification is a rigorous audit, starting with the Cyber Security Self-Assessment Questionnaire and Cyber Essentials Plus Audits.

To make achieving certification even easier for you, we can work with you to create your Cyber Essentials self-assessment submission!

We offer Cyber Essentials training and consulting services, as well as certification, so you know that all of your bases are covered. We work with businesses from start to finish on the Cyber Essentials audit process too - we'll walk them through every step of the way, making sure they're cyber essentials certified in no time. If your business is ready for Cyber Essentials certification contact us today at or call us on 03333 444 256 – we'd love to hear from you!

CyberEssentials is a great first step towards securing critical infrastructure against cybersecurity threats, which many companies ignore because it's one thing off their "to-do list".

To learn more about how you can make your company Cyber Essentials certified call 03333 444 256

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