Incident Response (IR) and Digital Forensics

Rely on the best, local, Gibraltar based, incident responders to quickly defeat attacks and ensure business recovery

When confronted with a breach, you need a highly skilled local team working shoulder to shoulder with you. Hedgehog Security is based in Gibraltar and handles and defeats sophisticated attacks at high-profile organizations worldwide, including major ransomware, corporate espionage, financial theft, and nation-state campaigns.

  • Beating Ransomware

    The Hedgehog Security team immediately mobilizes support across five key workstreams: Investigation, Containment, Monitoring and Recovery and Tactical Negotiation. Working in parallel enables the rapid prevention of additional damage while creating a “secure island” to ensure the start of business recovery.

    The technical investigation team works together with our expert negotiators to achieve a full understanding of the attack kill chain and scope of compromise, facilitating well informed strategic decision making. Through this approach, business leaders can lead through the crisis and effectively return to a secure, fully operational environment.

  • Eliminating Data Breach

    Our approach to these incidents relies on our ability to fully determine the scope of compromise, identifying all malicious access points and mapping the chain of events leading to potential data loss. Once this understanding is established, complete kill-switch events are designed to simultaneously remove all malicious access to the organization and ensure that persistent actors cannot re-enter.

    The Hedgehog Security team also performs continuous litigation support to ensure any legal and regulatory fallout from the data breach is fully addressed with the necessary technical evidence and expertise.

  • Stopping Financial Crime

    Whether it is Cryptocurrency or international bank transactions, gift cards or ATM manipulation, the Hedgehog Security team in Gibraltar moves immediately to identify and remediate those key systems being targeted.

    A comprehensive forensic investigation enables the establishment of new anti-fraud mechanisms, tailored monitoring to detect and prevent future attacks, and identification of key single points-of-failure in financial systems. Once identified, unique secure design principals are applied to mitigate these risks and protect the organization.

  • Defeating Nation State and Zero-Day Attacks

    Over the years, Hedgehog Security has protected global business leaders worldwide, facing multiple nation state attackers and APTs. These attacks, perpetrated by highly sophisticated actors, often employ zero-day vulnerabilities and unlimited resources to reach their goals. They bypass standard defenses and require unique Incident Response methodology.

    The Hedgehog team, comprised of nation state experts, relies on an in-depth understanding of the attackers modus operandi, and employs advanced tools to identify these actors within organizational networks. Once an attack is investigated, remediation is performed in conjunction with tailored monitoring and defense-in-depth, remaining vigilant to prevent a recurrence.

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Hedgehog Security places great emphasis on the quality, reliability, and security of the services it offers. We are fully regulated by CREST, the Council for Regitered Ethical Security Testers and are authorised to deliver Cyber Security Consulting along with Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Scanning and IT Health Checks.

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