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Cyber Consulting

We believe that we exist to secure the connected and grant the opportunity of a better online life.

Our Cyber Consulting team works tirelessly to help ensure that our vision is delivered to our clients. Whether it is through active client engagements, our charity work scheme or through community initiatives such as cyberv19, our Cyber Consulting team has your back.

Cyber Security Threats Increase

Hedgehog Security helps you and your business prepare, protect, detect, respond and recover from Cyber threats.

Businesses across all industries face cyber security challenges. Leveraging our global resources and skill pool, we create Cyber Security programs tailored to your businesses needs. Programs that are flexible, changing and adapting as your business evolves.

Whether defending against cyberattack, detecting and responding to the unknown or running an entire security operations centre, we will help you build the cyber resilience you need to grow with confidence.

One thing we do differently from our competitors and our peers is allowing you to control your spend through the booking of work by the hour. 


You can book an hourly session with one of our CISO’s, Consultants or Penetration Testers by clicking on the link on the right.

How it Works

You can book an hour of our time to complete any activity within the realms of Cyber and Information Security. Examples include:

In one hour:

  • Provide advise on a 121 basis via WebEx, phone or email
  • Review policy and provide updates, or create a policy from scratch
  • Carry our a supplier Due Diligence review
  • Perform penetration testing or vulnerability assessments for 1 hour
  • Complete a PCI-DSS Self Assessment Questionnaire 
Where an activity will require more than an hour, we will notify you. It is possible to purchase multi-hour engagements, just let us know of your requirement and we can send you a custom payment link.


Our broad cybersecurity knowledge and deep industry expertise allow us to develop next-gen cybersecurity services to protect your business, from end to end.

Virtual CISO / CIO

Our virtual CISO and CIO practise has existed since 2009 and is world class. Led by Peter Bassill, we have a team of three CIO’s and six CISO’s to help you where you need it.

Security Defence

Detection and alerting through to active defence when attacks occur, we have the capability and capacity in our global business to keep you safe and well defended.

Managed Security Office

Taking the virtual CISO on step further. We can create, staff and run your entire Information Security Office, ensuring your Cyber Security is class leading.

Audit, Assessment & Review

ISO27001, ISO22301, UKGC RTS, PCI-DSS and LEXCEL, if you have a standard you need auditing against, we have most probably done them before. 


There is no industry we wont work within, although we have six principle areas of specialty within our cyber security consulting practise.


From engine developers to integrated platforms and multi channel operators, we have worked with gaming operators since 2009.


Achieving or maintaining PCI compliance can be daunting. We can take you from zero to compliant, with a QSA led audit. All without the hastle.


Continual attacks. Heavy regulation. Insider threats. We have helped 100’s of finance firms. From investment houses and cryptocurrency exchanges to banks and re-insurance businesses. All need to become and stay secure. And that is where we can help.


Mobile and traditional application development, web development, systems integrations, automotive, IoT, there are many types of tech. Security is the one common bind all have to endure. Make it your competitive edge.


Since 2009 we have been working with numerous law firms around the globe, helping keep them secure in the ever evolving threat landscape. From penetration testing to complete Information Security offices, we can service the security needs to most law firms.


SCADA control systems, automated production lines, industrial control systems. We have worked with many businesses in the heavy industry sector. From ships and shipping, to GPS locations and heavy plant, we can tailor a security solution for you.

Ask Us

Discuss your requirements with one of our CISOs.

Simply use the calendar on the right to select the date and time that best suits you. Let us know the best phone number to reach you and a short description of what you are looking for and the team will call you on the date and time you have specified.

It couldn’t be simpler than that.

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