Train for cyber security @ CTF Club

Ever fancied working as a penetration test on commercial Penetration Tests?

On Wednesday evenings as 12/1 City Mill lane we run our CTF club for people considering entering the offensive security world of Penetration Testing.

Learning Penetration Testing through CTFs

On Wednesday evenings, between 6pm and 8pm we work through different machines on HackTheBox. For absolute newbies, join us for some mentored one on one training with one of our penetration test team leads, @ev1l1 or @engpete. The team will help you understand the methodology and build your skills to use the tools you need to identify weaknesses and how to use these weaknesses to gain access information that will help you compromise the system(s).

For the more advanced CTF player, join us on team challenges and network challenges, as we gradually move our GI team further up the leader board and prove that Gibraltar really is key skill center for Cyber Security.

For those who really embrase the skills and methodologies, take the next step and consider moving into the industry. Every member of CTF club that builds their status up to "Pro Hacker" is eligable to join our commercial operations team.

Who can come to CTF Club>

CTF Club is open to anyone in Gibraltar from the age of 16 up. As long as you can make it to the our offices for a couple of hours then you are more than welcome to join in the club, train and further your skills.

What does CTF Club Cost?

CTF Club is free for the majority to the activities. Hedgehog will cover the cost of HackTheBox specialist labs etc and for the most part, CTF club is completely free to attend. The only cost involved is should you wish to join us in Vegas at DefCon for the annual global CTF challenges, then you would be responsible for your flights, accomodation and food/drink etc.


Hedgehog Security places great emphasis on the quality, reliability, and security of the services it offers. We are fully regulated by CREST, the Council for Regitered Ethical Security Testers and are authorised to deliver Cyber Security Consulting along with Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Scanning and IT Health Checks.

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