Ukrainian Malware Spreading Exposed on Dark Web

Ukrainian Malware Spreading Exposed on Dark Web

Posted by Michael on 17/02/2020

Malware is known as ‘Blackout’ was found in Ukraine in 2015 affecting power plants and in turn causing blackouts. This specific malware target SSH keys to gain access to the victim’s machine unnoticed.This malware is now being noted as the black hat community within dark web forums have been noted as sharing this specific malware making it more sophisticated with the malware’s approach.The malware’s behavior specifically targets SSH keys. When a machine is compromised the malware will target processes running on the machine, sabotaging them whilst staying undetected by the victim. The recent upgrades to the malware enable it to create its own backdoor by adding a privileged user to the machine and also enables the malware to move from one machine to the next by brute-forcing SSH keys.Because of the nature of this malware, black hat hackers can use it for personal gain by selling the access to other hackers which in turn, expands the situation to another level of danger.

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