Regular Cyber Security Testing is Essential for Business

Regular Cyber Security Testing is Essential for Business

Posted by Peter Bassill on 16/04/2020

Cybersecurity is the use of technologies, controls, and processes to protect data, devices, networks, programs, and systems from cyber-attacks. These attacks against businesses are on the rise. Yet it seems not many companies are doing enough to protect themselves.

Nowadays, with GDPR coming to force and online threats everywhere, the need for companies to apply some form of cyber security testing in their businesses has never been so urgent. Testing can be challenging and not many companies know what to look for or where to start.

Here are the top 10 reasons why penetration testing is essential for your business’s security and health.

1. Identify Hidden Weaknesses Before the Bad Guys Do

One of the most surefire ways to measure the level of security in your business is understanding how it can be compromised. Businesses typically conduct cyber security testing tests right after installing new apps and infrastructure. 

Performing a vulnerability scan is often considered the first step to knowing your security situation. There are numerous tools you can use for automatic vulnerability scanning.

These tools range from simple port scanners to more complex database security scanners. While you can quickly use these scanners to fix simple attacks, they only help address known vulnerabilities.

Pen testing offers you more opportunities to safely test your system’s ability to withstand external cyber-attacks. It mimics the actions of a potential hacker by trying to exploit the weaknesses resulting from things like software bugs, code mistakes, and service configuration errors.

2. Save Money in the Long-Term

One of the main reasons that startups don’t invest in decent cyber security testing is they feel it’s too pricey.

The truth is that cyber security penetration testing is relatively affordable compared to the value they provide to your business. This means you’ll get to save some bucks in the long term.

3. Protect Partners, Third Parties, and Clients

Who are the stakeholders within your business? They could be your business partners, third parties, clients, and even your personal data.

Pen testing allows you to protect the good guys who are involved in your organization. It also lowers the risks to your company of cyberattacks.

4. Reduce Network Downtime

Most companies perform cyber security testing a few times every year to make sure they can take care of safe network downtime.

Network downtimes are high-priced, and businesses hire testing experts to handle the situation. Penetration testing experts can inform you of the proper kind of security measures to invest in for your business to thrive.

5. Compliance With Regulations

Compliance is another significant aspect your company should address. Besides, penetration testing is well documented in most industry-specific regulations. This is especially true in healthcare, financial, and technical institutions.

The GDPR, for example, is legislation created to give your customers more rights. On the surface, GDPR may appear to only provide customers with more control over the data you store about them. The truth is that GDPR rules and online security are interlinked.

Also, note that organizations comply with these regulations to avoid the hefty fines imposed by the authorities. 

Pen testers can also help you abide by other security regulations mandated by leading security standards, like HIPAA and PCI. These standards require business owners to perform regular pen tests with the help of security experts.

6. Have an Edge Over Security Tools

A lot of businesses use their own set of security tools. These may include anti-virus software, vulnerability scanning and encryption codes. Despite their best intentions and capabilities, these tools can’t guarantee safety when live attacks happen.

That’s why penetration testing is important. Qualified and verified pen testers are skilled individuals who can think out of the box and help you sail through the toughest of cyberattacks. These experts assess the vulnerability of your business.

They also leverage the use of open source technologies that can help your business operate within safe info security risks. Generally speaking, only pen testing can provide a realistic assessment of your organization’s ability to resist cyberattacks.

7. Prioritize Risks to Solve

As mentioned, penetration testing is used to identify areas that are susceptible to cyber threats. Using the results from an assessment, you will be able to prioritize and handle risks based on their level of impact and exploitability.

Your priority list could be based on the degree to which your business is predisposed to specific cyber threats and how they’re likely to be used by hackers.

8. Competition and Rivalry

Losing your organization’s data to cybercriminals can be disastrous, especially if the information ends up in the hands of your competitors. Although your rival companies may not have executed the attack on you, they could have found this data via other sources.

Hackers, for instance, like to post their wins on public websites, like Pastebin. Others sell it via dark web in the form of crypto.

9. Create Security Measures That Work

The final results of cyber security tests can be used to establish the level of effectiveness of the IT systems in place. The data can provide insightful information about what works and any security gaps that need immediate attention.

The good thing is that most experienced testers often provide a list of recommendations. It’s best to know it and seal it wherever your competitor could get data about you.

10. Builds Trust

One of the great benefits of hiring a penetration testing company is that it shows stakeholders that you take online threats seriously. This can help build a good reputation and they will trust that you’re doing your best to minimize the risks of a cyber breach.

Take Cyber Security Testing Seriously for Your Business

Cybercrime is growing fast and criminals are using new, sophisticated ways to gain access to networks. By employing numerous different strategies, hackers have successfully targeted businesses of all sizes.

Then again, having all the essential tools doesn’t guarantee total protection against attackers. That’s a good reason why your business needs cyber security testing.

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