MCA Wizard Databreach

MCA Wizard Databreach

Posted by Peter Bassill on 20/03/2020

425GB of data linked to MCA Wizard app found exposed on unsecured database

A large volume of what is most certainly sensitive and confidential information relating to two financial companies has been found exposed online in the latest case of sysadmin or developer mistake.

The exposure was discovered by security researchers at vpnMentor and made public on Tuesday 17th of March 2020. It’s believed to be linked to MCA Wizard, an iOS and Android app developed by Advantage Capital Funding and Argus Capital Funding.

“This is another unfortunate instance of an AWS bucket left open without any security protocols, leaving extremely sensitive legal and financial documents unprotected online — accessible to anyone worldwide,”
James Carder, chief security officer and vice president of security intelligence company LogRhythm Inc

No kidding. In todays connected world there is no excuse for leaving such a wealth of confidential and potentially damaging information available on the internet unprotected and it raises questions.

Who wrote the application?
What else did they forget in the security?
Was the application ever security tested?
Are similar applications leaking information?

Companies must deploy security solutions that provide the breadth and depth of capabilities needed in order to maintain complete visibility and control over data in the cloud
Anurag Kahol, chief technology officer of cloud access security broker firm Bitglass Inc.

Agreed, or you could simply use proper access controls on the storage buckets.

Especially for financial organizations that manage sensitive information and capital, a proactive approach to ensuring data is secure is necessary. Automated cloud security solutions can detect misconfigurations in real-time and trigger instant remediation so that vulnerabilities are identified and fixed within seconds and cloud resources remain secure.
Chris DeRamus, chief technology officer of cybersecurity company DivvyCloud Corp.

I could not agree more. There are many open source tools available, such as S3Scanner ( which can be used to detect open and incorrectly secured cloud storage areas.

So what To do?

Well very simply, check your digital estate. It is sadly not uncommon to find unsecured or incorrectly secured cloud storage areas and although they are hard to find, it isn't difficult to automate it. So check your storage areas today.

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