GCHQ proposes ghost user to encrypted messaging services

GCHQ proposes ghost user to encrypted messaging services

Posted by Peter Bassill on 01/06/2019

Well this is rather interesting and very, very unsurprising, Bruce Schneier, Richard Stallman and a number of good tech companies are resisting hard against GCHQ proposals that to add a "ghost user" to encrypted messaging services. I have been watching this current debacle unfold since 2018. You can read an great write up on it from El Reg here: https://www.theregister.co.uk/2019/05/30/tech_hits_back_at_gchq_ghost_user_privacy_buster/The entire point of a ghost user is to bypass the encyption issues posed in signals intercepts. I personally dont have a problem with this if it was just the likes of the intelligence services and law enforcement for the purpose of national defence. The trouble is it gives organsitaions, under the RIPA legislation, like the Gambling Commission, the Health and Safety Executive, Ambulance Control Room Managers and the Food Standards Agency the right to invoke the same. (list source: http://www.legislation.gov.uk/%E2%80%A6/25/schedule/4/part/1/enacted) The solution? It is old, it is tried and it is proven. GPG encrypted communications. Anything important, encrypt it using private/public key pairs. You just cant trust the government any more.

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