Global Standards, Local Expertise.

Hedgehog Security was founded in 2009 to address the tremendous challenges in protecting organizations from cyber-attacks regardless of location, budget or technology.

The ever-increasing cyber threats, risks and exploits along with the global shortage of Cyber Security experts where the foundation on which Hedgehog Security was established and since has grown to become the major Cyber Security firm in the world.

Our Services are divided into 2 major silos: Detection and Protection which give our clients the flexibility and agility in the detection phase but also give them the capacity to swiftly respond to any threat or incident in a manner that minimize or eliminates the impact of the cyber-attack exploit on the organization or business.

Our solutions are modular and serve companies and organisations regardless of size, enabling them to focus on their core business knowing that their Cyber Security posture is rock solid and ever improving.

Our Vision

To be the most trusted Cyber Security business for organizations throughout the UK and Europe.

Our Mission

To deliver superior Cyber Security Services and expertise against any form of Cyber threat, harm, or exploitation, in the highest standards, technologies and with the Passion to be the best every day.

Our Team

Led by Information Security and Cyber Security veterans from various fields of expertise, Hedgehog has grown to become a major player in the UK and European markets with unprecedented local based Cyber Security team and fully operational 24/7/365 Security Operations Centre to support our customers and local partners.

Our Departments

  • Offensive / Cyber Warfare

    The Cyber Warfare team is the heart of our offensive security work. It conducts all scanning, penetration testing and red teaming engagements for our clients, both public and private sector.

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  • Security Operations

    The Operations department is the heart of the Security Operations Centre (SOC). It oversees the non-stop monitoring of customer and Gibraltar government networks and critical systems, alerts on both suspicious and malicious activities, and responds to security incidents as well as implement strategies to prevent/mitigate such incidents such as breaches, from occurring.

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  • Professional Services

    Our Professional services team is responsible for:

    • Client on-boarding

    • Security solutions (SIEMs & EDRs) availability, optimization, and engineering

    • SOC IT infrastructure functionality and availability

    • Automation and Engineering also known as SOAR (Security Orchestration Automation and Response) is a team that is focused on integrating and automating SIEM and EDR rules as incidents to our ticketing platform. In addition, the team also builds and develops workflows to provide step by step response to alerts for analysts.

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  • Training

    The training department offers uncompromising , cost-effective, and engaging Cyber Security educational experience that encompasses everything a security expert should know to increase individual and organizational productivity, combined with real-world hands-on experience. that enhances knowledge and develop skills.

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Hedgehog Security places great emphasis on the quality, reliability, and security of the services it offers. We do business in full compliance with the International Standards on Information (ISO) quality and security and has been certified under ISO 27001

ISO27001 Certified

Our Values

We are committed to supporting the needs of our employees, clients, the local community and wider society. Central to this approach is the belief that our business objectives must be strategically compatible without behavioural, social and environmental obligations. To ensure we adhere to this, we follow our four key pillars.

Community: mutually beneficial engagement with the local and wider community.
Workplace: creation of a working environment for employees characterised by equal opportunities, training and personal development, and regular and open communication.
Environment: reduction of our carbon footprint.
Marketplace: commitment to treat clients fairly; monitor and confront cybercrime; and comply with good ethical values.

  • Trust
  • Transparency
  • Excellence
  • Reliability
  • Innovation
  • Open, Honest Communication
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