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We are Hedgehog

We are Hedgehog; A multidisciplined, multiservice bespoke cyber security firm working both within the private and public sector. Working across a variety of jurisdictions we are proud to call Gibraltar home, employing people on the ground, operating a global operation, from our offices in Gibraltar. We are Gibraltar's first and only CREST accredited, truly independent Cyber Security firm. We provide professional, world class Cyber Security services to businesses, communities, corporations, and individuals across the globe.

What is Cyber Security

Cybersecurity refers to the practice of defending and reducing cyber risk through the protection of the entire information technology infrastructure, from hardware, software to mobile computing, electronic systems and smart devices. The realm of cyber security is vast and often overwhelming with every new connection and potential gateway for intruders and criminals alike. At Hedgehog we believe every business and individual has the right to a safer connected world. We provide digestible, actionable information with tangible results.

We established in 2014, in an office on Mainstreet, we service companies of all different standings and sizes. We are a small team of highly talented Cyber Security professionals with many years worth of knowledge in our field. At Hedgehog we have the ability not only to detect and discover potential threats to your business and systems, but also to provide you with the solutions to fix them and prevent their re-occurrence. We offer a multitude of different services to suit every business regardless of size or scale.

At Hedgehog, life really reflects the true hacker ethos. While each member of the Hedgehog family has a job title, that really describes what they do day to day. In reality, everyone gets involved with everything that they feel capable doing.

Our Core Services

Our business is made up of three distinct areas of operation, Offensive Security, Cyber Essentials and Consulting delivering Penetration Testing, Cyber Security Consulting, Cyber Essentials Auditing and Cyber Support services.

Cyber Offense

Cyber Defence

Cyber Support

Some facts about us

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Cyber Security Training

Date Course Place Tickets
Feb 2022 Ethical Hacking (under 18's) Gibraltar
May 2022 Ethical Hacking (4 days) Gibraltar opening soon
May 2022 Red Team Masterclass (7 days) New Orleans sold out
July 2022 IoT Hacking Masters (3 days) Las Vegas sold out

What Clients said

As part of our ISO9001 quality process, we always ask our clients what they thought of the service. Sometimes, our clients let us publish these. Here are what some of our clients had to say.

Maurice Whittaker at TWI

We have used Hedgehogs services for 7 years now. Always professional and leading in the field of Cyber Security, I have never looked back. Over the years they have regularly provided top tier penetration testing and cyber security consulting. I look forward to the next 7 years with them.

News & Updates

What is Penetration Testing?

Posted by Peter Bassill on 18/11/2021.

Penetration is a mixture of science and art. Penetration testing identifies security weaknesses or holes in people, processes and systems.

Black, Grey and White Box Testing

Posted by Peter Bassill on 17/11/2021.

We often see white, black, and grey-box pentesting being used. Have you ever wondered what they mean? In this blog article Peter breaks it down.

Telegram, the new Darknet Forum?

Posted by Peter Bassill on 22/09/2021.

Criminals are now using Telegram to buy, sell, and distribute the compromised data and malware tools. Is Telegram the new darknet forum?


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